First stop, Bangkok

Hello from Bangkok!!

13/12/17 32oC local time 4.39

Tired, hot, sweaty, a little overwhelmed, everything one should expect when arriving in a city of South East Asia, back and shoulders are killing me (good thing I’m in a place famous its massage’s hey!).  Arrived in DMK international around 11.30pm, couldn’t believe how easy the visa situation is, after Vietnam last year I was expecting some slightly terrifying, confusing ordeal, had all my paper work ready, itinerary proving that I was leaving within 30 days, extra passport photo’s, the works! Nope all good waved through immigration zero questions, no problems, 30 days sweet as! On a side note, DMK is pretty good for napping, if you have an early flight.

Bus into town super easy, jumped on the A1 from DMK to Mo Chit bus station, pay for bus ticket whilst on the bus, (so crowded had to carry my pack the entire way hence my poor shoulders), decided to cab it to the hostel after that :D.  Met a lovely Canadian girl who coincidently just applied for Calgary university where I’ve been thinking of applying for an exchange program! Ha this is why traveling alone can be awesome, meeting great people in random circumstances.

Relaxing/recovering today, figuring out the bus system tomorrow.  Also thinking I might book accommodation in the Siam district for early next week, seems to be where/near everything!

First impressions of the people are great, everyone so far has been lovely, wish I had come more language prepared, no issues communicating but I think it’s nice and respectful to at least greet and thank people in their native language, hmmmm something to work on!

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