Meandering in Bangkok

Big day yesterday, chatuchak market (Jatujak or JJs market), absolutely insane! pretty sure I only saw half of it after wandering for a couple hours.  There’s a lovely park next to the market (chatuchak park), kinda cool to wander through the trees, over bridges, lots of pigeons, the lake looks pretty standard for this part of the world, there were koi in it and I’m not entirely sure how they are alive! No wonder they cause trouble when released into the wild 😦

Anyways, had to figure out the buses and sky train (BTS), actually pretty easy, buses are all numbered, pay on the bus, I took one from my hostel to Victory monument, probably a 20-minute ride, something like 55 au cents.  Manicure and pedicure in the afternoon, much needed, after the hours I’ve been at work!!  wait hang on….. whats work??? Ha Ha 😀

Back to the hostel (called Tiny hostel, maybe I’ll start doing mini reviews of all the places I stay each week?! Hmmmmm) found a great spot to eat round the corner from Tiny, couldn’t read the menu, only locals eating there, excellent chicken, fried rice.  That was last night so far no signs of food poisoning! 😀

Booked a Hostel round the corner from khao San road, got lost on the way here, ended up on the back of a motorcycle, with all my stuff, in a shorts and jandals a far cry from the 1.5 K worth of gear I usually wear when I ride back home!  Classic Thailand, Worth it and fun!

Found my hostel (Mixx hostel) a little suss, but have a cool hang out area, currently listen to some random guy with a guitar singing all the hits of the 90s! love it ha

Pretty chilled after a 1 hour Thai massage and ½ hour foot massage, don’t love how touristy it is here, but the massages and street food are totally worth it!  Thinking I might try get a city tour tomorrow to see some of the major temples, and maybe the Bangkok national museum.


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