Spontaneous Explorations of Bangkok

Once again writing the day after the happening!  I Worked out I must have walked somewhere around 12-15 ks yesterday!  Went to the Bangkok history museum, a lot of the exhibits were closed so not much to see, then the grand palace! BTW they charge 500 baht for entrance, I wasn’t allowed in as I was wearing a scarf over my top, apparently it’s a top that covers the shoulder or else! So went wandering instead for a bit (hoping to find T-shirt stall normally they’re everywhere unless you actually need one apparently ha ha!), got lost, found the water taxi, caught it to the dawn temple (Wat Arun) decided I liked being on the water taxi so took a cruise up the river (for 15 baht or 56 cents aud), got off to late, lost again, stumbled into Chinatown! (a happy accident).  Found a t-shirt found my way back to the grand palace, the grand palace was interesting but I wouldn’t say it was worth the money oh well gotta do touristy stuff like that!  Sore feet, fortunately there’s half a dozen massage places outside my hostel! Smashed a Pad Thai, from a street stall! Followed by banana pancake, soooo sweet! Best way to have dinner!

              The good news is Bangkok so far has been fairly easy to get around and I’m by no means a big-city girl!  C’mon people what are you afraid of this travel stuff isn’t that hard!

              Still haven’t been to Wat Arun or Wat Pho yet, but I’m kinda over the big cityness here, I’ve been stressed as hell for a while now, I’m heading for beach! Don’t love the district I’m in but it’s the best place to catch the bus from so staying another night!  Got my ticket 1100 baht (around 43 aud, I think), overnight so that includes bus, ferry, and a night’s accommodation.  Bring on the diving, chill factor of at least 10 I hope!  I need this! Also I need a tan :/


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