Greetings from Myanmar :)


Well I’m here! Arrived safe and sound, after a short and broken night’s sleep in the airport! Ugh….

Initial impression of Myanmar? Well I think I’m gonna love this place!

So where have I been the last few days?  Well I spent a night in Khao Sok (en route from Khao Lak to Bangkok), so I could check out the national park there, then I caught the night bus to Bangkok: by the way the V.I.P bus is so worth the 1100 Baht ($41), I managed to get the best seat (upper level front row), sometimes it’s the little things like getting a great seat haha……. Arrived at 6 am-ish on the morning of the 7th somehow I completely forgot to book accommodation, but my flight was at 7 am the following day, so I had to be at the airport at 4 or 5 am anyway! So saved myself $10…… Taxi to the nearest BTS station, sky train to Siam centre, spent the morning and half the afternoon between star bucks and Siam Paragon.  Unfortunatley the hours I spent in starbucks typing away, recounting my adventures of Koh tao, Khao Lak and Khao Sok, were not as fruitful as they could have been as I realized, only to late that I didn’t save it all properly (like an amateur).  Ah well, anyway.

           Siam Paragon, possibly the most sickening shopping centre I’ve ever been in, yes, it was amazing, and extraordinary, yes I’m glad I went but not because I enjoyed being there.  To those of us who despise the materialistic existence of the people who keep such shopping centre’s alive…. well ick.  The prices were the same if not higher than you would find in Sydney (ensuring only the wealthy can shop there)!  A classic show of money, prestige, and power, in this case the power of things, the power of the upper classes.  Meanwhile if you walk outside and a couple hundred metres down the road you’ll find the poorest of the poor living under a bridge, the scummy water filled with trash, empty coffee cups, soft drink cans, beer bottles, the left over’s, from someone’s lunch, someone who can afford lunch….

Rant over, moving on, I will now begin rewriting my tales from Koh Tao,  my livaboard scuba adventure and other happy tales. 🙂


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