Koh Tao (Turtle Island)

Oh Koh tao!….

Exactly what the doctor prescribed.  After work, study and personal disruptions these last few months, I have been keeping going, thinking about that tropical island, the beaches, the diving, the food.  Well Koh tao sort of delivered, it was precisely what I needed ,but not exactly what I expected, yes beaches, not amazing beaches but nice enough.  Scuba diving? uh YES… apparently this island is a scuba haven!  I didn’t know which way to look when deciding who to dive with, in the end with a little research I settled on Scuba Junction, and have zero regrets, (I may just go back to do my recovery course before doing dive master). 

When I wasn’t diving, I was learning to chill!  Managed to get a tan, only got a little burned.  There was a bar on Sairee beach, literally one guy, a wok, a gas cook top, the BEST.Pad.Thai. ever!!!   

So yeah I didn’t touch this blog, I barely wrote a word in my journal til the last day, but yes I relaxed, I ate soooooooo much, I met and hung out with some lovely humans from England, Scotland, Canada, California, and Australia,  had some excellent conversations, I watched the fire dancers peform(incredible!), I went awandering, I had scuba fun, and I relaxed. 

So all in all, I basically had an emotional health week!



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