Eat.sleep.Dive.Repeat; 3 Days in the Similan Islands

Khao Lak Scuba Adventures, the Similan islands

On the 30th of January I embarked on a mission, one boat, 3 days, 11 dives, 1 specialty scuba course (nitrox), the full eat-sleep-dive-repeat routine.  I went with Khao Lak Scuba Adventures, on recommendation, and it was a good recommendation too.  Fantastic crew, the boat boys looking after the equipment and boat were excellent, food was great, ate sooo much, I was expecting to be exhausted after day 1, but the chef took that problem right away….

          We got on the boat in the evening, introductions, and a boat briefing ensued, as the captain got us underway to the Similan islands.  Woke up the following morning just in time to see the sun coming up over the most ridiculously clear blue water I’ve ever seen.  The crew woke everyone up early, so we didn’t miss breakfast before dive 1, so everyday started with GOOOOOOOOD MOOOORNING, followed up with, dive BRIEFFFIIING, DIIIIVE BREIFIIIIIIINNNG!!!  


          The diving proved to be everything it was cracked up to be, incredible variety, amazing visibility, great dive sites, I really enjoyed hunting around trying to find the little guys, Wortslugs, nudibranchs, and little shrimps.  We also had a short shore excursion on one of the islands, climbed up to sail rock.  I managed to remove one of my toenails in its entirety, whilst strolling back down the board walk (like how tho??… ha ha), lovely beach, and some cool views from sail rock. 

Overall glad I made the decision to spoil myself with this trip.


HIGHLIGHTS: the MANTA RAY!!!! Oh and then there was the hawksbill turtle, aaand the reef shark, aaaaaand the octopus (although he was a bit shy L), all the gorgeous Giant Gorgonian fan coral, all the thoroughly enchanting soft corals.  Found nemo on multiple occasions!  The wreck!! Hunting for nudibranchs, the huge honey comb moray eels (and I found a baby one in the wreck), swimming right into the middle of a huge shoal of fishies.

Also apparently I’m good at finding scorpion fish, a good thing, trust me!!!  saw one on almost every dive, such amazing camouflage.




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