Jungle Time…….

Exploring Khao Sok National Park

5th and 6th of February

Whilst in Khao Lak I discovered that there was a national park just a couple hours away the town to get to on the edge of the park is Khao Sok, tiny place, (one street), getting there was interesting, as I had to catch the local bus, which I either missed or it was running outrageously late.  A lovely local girl helped me catch a local taxi/bus (a pick-up truck with bench seats on the back), so I at least got the more authentic version J this took me to the next town from which I caught the bus to Khao Sok.  This bus dropped me off on the side of the road, there were taxi’s waiting but I had done my research and knew the township was 2 kilometres down the road, so I walked it.  Found my hostel without an issue, booked a canoeing tour for that afternoon, and looked at the park tours but they were pretty pricey. 

             The canoeing was pleasant, I was disappointed though, as the guides did the rowing,  apparently I prefer to DO, not have DONE, (learnt something about myself haha), also the guides were feeding the monkeys so they would came down to the river, It was cool to see the monkeys, but I’d rather not support the feeding of wild creatures (this was on the outskirts of the park btw).  I did some research that night and decided to wing it in the national park (like a boss, or an idiot??) 😀  Anyway zero regrets on that decisions, the following morning I made my way to the park entrance, the park entry fee was 300 baht, and the map was easy to follow as were the tracks, lovely flora, gorgeous river views, cool fungi everywhere, more monkeys, they were shy, so only saw them from a distance (no feeding there!). 


             Most people come here to visit the lake in the park, unfortunately I opted out, as by the photos, I have seen very similar topography in other parts of Thailand and Vietnam.  Sometimes you have to miss stuff for the sake of your budget, and frankly I had an absolutely lovely day exploring the outskirts of the jungle by myself.  Spent a lovely 45 mins or so just sitting on a rock in the middle of the river, watching life in the jungle go on around me.  At one point a giant lizard of some vairiaty jumped out of a tree into the river, popped his head up munching on something,  (there were alot of little tree frogs around), thought he a python (apprantly there are lots in that area), for a moment as I could only see his head!!  a very enjoyable day, and nice to get off the beach and explore a little inland.



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