Beached as in the Bay of Bengal


Ngapali beach

After a 3.30 am start followed by a full day of sitting on buses stressing about catching buses, and waiting for buses whilst stressing about said buses. I arrived in Ngapali beach, probably Myanmar’s most well-known and popular beach, and I can see why, it is what I imaging Thailand’s beaches were before the crowds arrived.  Still quite a few tourists, but mostly senior citizens looking for a quiet beach getaway, without the pub-crawls, and full moon party’s (I can understand this despite my youth).  Not the most beautiful beach, but the water was absolutely gorgeous, I went for a swim (yay I swam in the Bay of Bengal!), so clear, even when I could not reach the bottom, I could see it crystal clear…. I would come back for sure   


The town itself is not much, a series of shops catering to the locals and tourists, a lot of seafood restaurants, unfortunately fishing is being used as a tourist activity here, people are yet to learn and understand sustainable tourism…..

Another sad thing was the copious amount of small chunks of corals and sponges washed up on the beach, it’s impossible to say if its dying and breaking because of rising water temperatures, or some natural cause, but after seeing the fishing boats last night, their lights looking like a string of fairy lights across the horizon (squid fishing) it seems highly possible the fishing activities, nets and anchors are damaging and killing the coral, there is no diving in the area, only snorkelling.  I wonder if anyone has looked into it [the coral dying]?  I shall research this!


Yesterday afternoon I went down to the beach to watch the sunset, meet a lovely girl who kindly took some photos for me.  The thing about travelling alone is that it forces you to walk up to random strangers on the beach and start a conversation, (also it teaches you how to use Bluetooth!), often with the loveliest people.

I’ve had a my beach day, and time to recover, the next league of the journey takes me to the ancient ruins of Mrauk U, the former capital of the Rankhine kingdom from 1430 – 1785.


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