Reading on the Road

Reading on the Road

I don’t read a great deal anymore unfortunately, but often when there’s no internet, or I just feel like switching off for a bit, or more commonly, when I’m on a long bus or train trip, I read.  Although I read a lot as a child and a pre-teen, I feel like I missed out on many of the old classics, so on this trip I endeavoured to correct this, reading some new books, some old classics and a few random, just to keep things interesting.  I only have the kindle app on my phone, and once in awhile I pick up a book from a hostel or market, this is often really interesting, as it can mean I end up reading something I wouldn’t normally have read, had the situation been different.

              Anyway here is a list of the books I have read or am reading on my travels.  


1.       Songs of a War Boy, written by Sydney lawyer, and former child soldier Deng Adut (I brought this one with me at the beginning of my travels, it now resides in a hostel somewhere, Bangkok I think)

2.       The coupe, written 1978, by John Updike (this was a random find)

3.       Wild, from lost to found, by Cheryl Strayed (inspirational and true story)

4.       Moby Dick, I saw the new movie before reading the original book, have it on my kindle app

5.        Catch 22, by Joseph Heller



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