Looking in on Loikaw

Looking in on Loikaw

4th 5th 

Arrived in Loikaw from Inle Lake at around 4 pm, once again the bus was late, but buses running way off schedule is kinda normal now.  Dropped off directly at the hotel, bonus! The hotels here are all pretty expensive as my budget goes, there aren’t really any dorms here so I have to pay for a double room by myself, although I have to say not having to share a bathroom is rather refreshing, both metaphorically and literally!  And the Wi Fi was good enough for an hour to watch an episode of the show I started watching ages ago, haven’t good enough Wi Fi or time really for a few weeks, now, although that’s a good thing coz I’ve been reading, socialising, and exploring instead, anyway had some me/chill time, feeling good, and ready for the next bus, I’ve heard 14 hours possibly 17?!  Soon find out hey. 

            Anyway back to the subject at hand, Frankly, Loikaw has me thoroughly baffled, and I think I shall do some research, but I doubt I’ll find much, I came here, because I had heard it was a nice little town, not many tourist come here, there are a few hikes to minority villages around but these are pretty pricey, so I really just came on my way back to Yangon, I had time, going anywhere else was going to risk getting back to Yangon with little time to spare, and I thought it might be a nice pit stop, before leaving Myanmar on the 7th. 

            So essentially I was expecting a small village, with ridiculously expensive crappy accommodation, just enough amenities to get by with, maybe a ATM (not that I needed it, but this is the best gage of how modernised a place is here), Instead it’s a decent size, a few big building lots of construction going on, several large modern and rather nice looking new hotels (and 4 atms!!).  There’s a brand new swimming pool down the road from where I’m staying, a lovely lake (Nuang Yah Lake) in the middle of the town, the streets are spotless, there’s none of the usual rubbish one normally sees everywhere.  It’s crazy! Many of the houses look pricey and brand new, where the hell is the money coming from??   There’s nothing here and yet people have so much more than elsewhere, I wonder what/where the industry is here? 

            I had a lovely half day anyway, I have to catch the bus to Yangon this afternoon, but I was up early for sunrise on the rather cool Taung Kwe Zedi Pagoda, hard to describe so check out the pics, gorgeous view, very tranquil, sitting on the top, writing my journal, as the town woke up below, the valley filled up with smoke from the houses below, at first I thought it was a veil of mist covering the town, but nope definitely smoke.  Sunrise wasn’t the most spectacular I’ve seen but it was certainly pretty in pink, I think I’m turning into a morning person, so lovely being up early, in the quiet of a new day, and dawn light is the best light!!  After sunrise, it was back to the hotel for a hot shower and breaky, I love how they serve fried rice and noodles for breakfast here!  Such a great way to start the day, unfortunately I can’t imagine myself ever bothering to get up and cook this myself ha ha….   Semi-packed, then went to check out the town for a couple hours, cruzed around on the bicycle, found the pool, then the lake, oh and the 4 lane highway through Loikaw!! Like WTF?  Anyway stopped at the lake for a bit treated myself to a coke and a sweet, and chilled for a bit, had a few people after selfies with me… sigh  I have been told it’s the blonde hair that makes me some sort of freak show.  Back to the Hotel, checked out the little side roads around on my way back, it’s always nice to get a little lost and see the local life a bit more.    Writing this now in my hotel, better finish packing soon, Wi Fi is in and out, so wont post this until I’m in Yangon tomorrow.

Update; Wi Fi was still crap in Yangon, posting this from Bangkok!


Sunset from Taung Kwe Zedi Pagoda




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