I’m Still Alive!!!!! (and other excellent news)

Laung praboung (19th)

Well hello! I dropped out for a bit there….  anyway I’m still alive and well, I’m in Laos now, the original plan was to stay in Chiang mai for a couple weeks, possibly do a meditation retreat, and explore the surrounding area, but I met fellow travellers going to Laos so I changed my plans, I’ll now do Laos, and Cambodia, then go back to Thailand, I’m basically just filling up my passport with Thai visa stamps Hahah!!!

            So, my last post was from Myanmar, and I’m still in the process of writing a little overview of my Myanmar travels, so stay tuned, and I will try to motivate myself to keep writing.  I left Yangon on the 7th for Bangkok, it was such an amazing feeling to walk into a 7-eleven haha, the thing about Myanmar was the lack of convenience stores and easy public transport and buses, in Thailand it is so easy to get around and find wroute, so I decided to get back to chiang mai, hat I want/need.  I stayed in Bangkok one night as I arrived late, it made sense.  I had planned on staying for longer but changed my mind, after Myanmar I wanted to relax a bit so I jumped on the night bus to Chiang mai, getting in early on the 9th.  I then changed my mind again, as I met a fellow traveller on the same route, so I decided to go with, and I’ll get back to Chiang Mai another time!  So now I’m in Laos peeps, and I’ll start catching up on the news this week, and I still need to write some final thoughts on Myanmar, stay tuned…..


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