Laung Prabang and Vang Vieng

Photos added!!!

I stayed a total of 4 days in Chiang mai then 1 in Chiang rai on the way to the border, we crossed the border into Laos on the 16th, and caught the slow boat to laung prabang on the same day.  The boat was cool, the scenery was pretty, on day two the boat was more crowded, still good times, beers, card games, and new friends, on the Mekong, fantastic!

            Laos seems to be well underrated, you don’t tend to hear much about the country, Laos has a pretty brutal recent history, the people maybe aren’t quite as openly friendly as elsewhere, which is defiantly fair enough.  The landscapes are stunning, the air is fresh, it’s incredibly hot, but still beautiful and so worth it.  Pretty good first impressions, right?!

The blue Lagoon, near Laung Prabung

            Laung prabang had a few nice restaurants, and an awesome café (saffron café) best coffee I’ve had in months!  Also pin bowling (pretty fun), everyone tends to go bowling after a few drinks (usually at Utopia bar) so fun and games, kinda weird to find one’s self bowling in Laos at midnight! Tuk tuk drivers are all over it and know exactly the routine.  I personally loved the town, I could chill there for a bit, I wouldn’t mind hanging out and chillin in Laung prabang, it has enough going on to keep you entertained, but isn’t quite as full of tourists as Chiang mai.

The waterfall at the blue lagoon

            After Laung prabang we (at this point I’m travelling with a group of 8 that banded to together as we’re all on the same route), headed to Vang Vieng, home of tubing and other backpacker shenanigans.  The bus was about 4-5 hours and was ludicrously expensive, no doubt because everyone does this circuit so bus company’s hike up prices, but the scenery was stunning, the topography was really interesting, much akin to Halong bay (Vietnam), very lush, forested, natural.

A stunning view somewhere on the road between Laung Prabung and Vang Vieng

            In Vang Vieng, we had a chill day, I had a mozzie bite that got infected, and as I was becoming run down, my body couldn’t fight it (plus you never know what kind of infections are going around here), so I was on antibiotics, trying to get over it. 

            Day two Vang Vieng

We went tubing, pretty chilled, cruising down the river in a tire tube, very relaxing, had a few drinks (the river is lined with bars, so plenty spots to stop and relax, got some excellent pics on the gopro, I will add these later (I’m thinking I might start posting a photo gallery of each country as I go), in the mean time I’m in love with swings in rivers hahaha!


            Day 3 Vang Vieng

The other blue lagoon, blue lagoon 3 is the best but takes the longest to get there apparently some tuk tuk drivers won’t go.  It was cool, lovely landscapes, the water was so good!  They had rafts, tubes, and swings so, plenty to do.  The high light for me was the cave nearby, no lighting, or walk ways or anything a super awesome experience, although not exactly prepared for it as we only had flip flops, bathers, and phone torches! Ha.  The formations in the cave were super cool, and seeing it like this was amazing it felt more authentic somehow, I’d like to do more caving…



            Next stop Vientiene (the capital of Laos) where I’m writing this, we are on our way to Thakhek, to hire motorbikes, and do a 4 day ride, but I think I’ll write up about all that after.

            I’m writing on the fly right now, as I’m on a bus soon, apologies for the/any spelling errors, and the lack of photos, general detail, I shall remedy this at a later date. 

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