Slowing Down in Siem Reap

Slowing down in Siem Reap, and wandering one of the world’s wonders

1st – 5th

My introduction to Cambodia, unfortunately marred by the border crossing incident, improved from there, in Siem Reap, the home of Angkor wat, and 50 cent beers.  I stayed at the pool party hostel, pool? yes, party not so much, I had a lovely few days relaxing, and catching up on blogging, and stuff.  After travelling so fast in Laos, it was good to slow down.

Swiftly discovered pub street, reminiscent of Koh San road in Bangkok, but more chilled, super cheap drinks, good street food around the corner, good times.  There’s really not much else to say about my time Siem Reap itself, as all I did was eat, drink, sleep, and wander around the city.  My opinion of Cambodia did improve, so much so, I think it’s now one of my fantastic country, yes there’s all the scams, and that sucks, the people are nice but like Laos, not as open and friendly towards travellers/strangers (understandably so considering the disturbingly recent history) as Thailand, but still, I’m enjoying Cambodia…


Angkor Wat

Oh, wat to say??

I think it’s hard to describe this day, Angkor Wat is impressive, and interesting, I’m not  generally the type that gets right into visiting temples, I find the history fascinating.  Nevertheless, when in Cambodia, one visits Angkor wat, and I don’t regret the slightly outrageous entry fee of $37 (USD), yes ouch…

Angkor wat is impossible to describe really, and this isn’t helped by the fact that I’m suffering writers block, so I’m gonna post a ton of photos, and let them speak…


Feeling small, in size and time…


Nature takes take’s back what is rightfully hers

 The stone work is amazing, its crazy trying to figure out how many hours, days, months, YEARS, (and no doubt lives), this all took to build (Angkor Wat)

The original Lego!! (Bayon Temple)

Amazing intricate carvings

clockwise from top left; The bridge, very impressive entrance to the palace, interesting carvings over a door way, this was the only instance I found people riding horses depicted, and inside Angkor Wat.


Angkor wat, (south side) the 7 headed snakes guard the entrance to the temple.

Kids wearing leaf hats play in the forest, amongst the broken walls of an ancient empire, pretty flowers (couldn’t resist), if you look closely at the bottom pic, you can just make out the wall that surrounds Angkor Wat, the grounds are enormous.


After an early start to catch sunrise over Angkor Wat, breakfast of fried noodles was most welcome…


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