Kicking back on Cambodian islands


I’ve decided that 7 weeks is far too long to go without visiting the ocean…

I arrived in Sihanoukville after possibly the worst bus trip of my life, and no I’m not a dramatic person (unless I’m in the kitchen then I may throw a couple of spoons around…), it was a night bus from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville, the seals on the window were busted, as this was so, it obviously had to rain buckets, arrrggh…  it was a long, damp, and mostly sleepless night, and to make matters worse, I tried to distract myself by listening to music, this mostly worked, unfortunately it also killed my phone, sigh.  The un-pleasantry’s continued with a battle for a tuk tuk to Otres beach, finally managed a tuk tuk to Otres one, for $4 dollars, then walked to Otres two, 20-30 minutes walking, I was dying a little, and sweating a whole lot!  Beach time was a necessity at this point!!

And I got plenty!  Total of 3 nights in Otres two, then off to koh ta Kiev island, an excellent experience, no Wi Fi, and only a few hours of electricity each day, Kiev had a couple of good beaches (one of them, on the south side of the island was amazing!)  However, the water wasn’t the cleanest, you can get to the island via one of the many snorkelling tour boats that run from both Otres one and two.

Ko Rong Samloem was more of the same but with more, super chill, (stayed at the Chill Inn, so go figure), more electricity, but still no Wi Fi, spent a very lazy and slightly drunken 3 days and nights, met a fellow Kiwi (a rare event in these parts), had a generally awesome, and relaxing time on the island, the highlight was fishing for or rather catching Kina (Maori name), commonly known as sea urchins.  So much fun, and the snorkelling on the north side of the island, behind Chill Inn was gorgeous.  There’s a restaurant on the pier, $6 all you can eat buffet, AMAZING SEAFOOD! Prime dinner, the best thing was they charge everyone $2 if they leave/waste food on their plates, such a good idea (I heard they put this up to $5 after I left).  A visit to clear water bay was an excellent way to end my visit to this gorgeous island.  I was on the island for the Khamer new year, so much fun, everyone had water pistols, and were throwing water and talcum powder at people, and generally having a party in the streets.

The trip back to Sihanoukville was an epic fail, the boat had a problem, so got picked up by a dive boat from Ko Rong,taken there (to Ko Rong), there the speed boat then arrived and transferred back to Sihanoukville, except they went to the wrong port, claiming it was because of weather, but I suspect the crew were keen to celebrate new year, so ditched us all at the wrong port arranged a transfer to the city, ended up standing on the side of the road for ages waiting for said transfer, finally made it to town, phone was flat so got lost, finally found a place to stay, so nice to get under the AC.

Later, after much needed food and shower, headed down to the beach and enjoyed a thourghly brilliant fire show, HAPPY KHAMER NEW YEAR!!!!

“The best therapy is beach therapy”


Clearwater bay Ko Rong Samloem


Beached as bro!!…


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