Calling in on Kampot

Aahhhhhh Kampot you beaut…

After the difficulties of the boat transfer from Ko Rong Samloem back to Sihanoukville, the bus to Kampot the following day was a short, and sweaty few hours.  Kampot seems to be particularly popular with expats, and I find this understandable!  Super chilled, excellent food, in fact probably the best food in Cambodia!!  Not exactly a pretty town, but with its own charm nonetheless, very walkable, but a bicycle makes life easy, staying at Banyan Tree guesthouse, was lovely, situated on the river, $3 dorms, 2 kilometres to town, and the some of the best green curry I’ve ever had a 3-minute walk down the road, not certain what the place was called, look for the Green gecko tours sign, the menu was labelled Mango Shack though, seriously prime, and I can promise you as it’s my favoured meal, I’ve sampled more than my share of green curries…


#FOODGASM right there…


After 2 nights at Banyan tree, the obvious move (according to the backpacker grapevine) was to check out Arcadia Backpackers, pretty pricey, and out of town a way, but inclusive of a waterpark, basically a terrifying waterslide, tubes, canoes, a Russian swing (which also looked terrifying), nevertheless, even if you’re not an adrenalin junkie or suicidal (happily I’m neither!!), the river is still great for a swim, and hanging out in a tube for a bit is an excellent way to kill time if you’re unmotivated and unemployed like me, haha haaa, joking but not joking…

Needless to say one night at Arcadia soon turned into two.  Good times, were had and I know this mostly because I need new playing cards (plastic ones) as mine have been drowned in beer, I understand they had a contented passing…  Oh, and heads-up, if you don’t want to pay up for food at Arcadia, there’s a restaurant directly opposite the driveway to Arcadia, cheap Khamer food, and “Mama” is a fantastic cook and human!!


The view from Arcadia’s dorms!




After Acadia, It was back into Kampot, this time staying at Captain Chims, here you can get a private room, with on suite, and a shared balcony for $10.  The following day, was pretty fun, hired scooters/mopeds, and headed out to Kep, the home of excellent crab, and it was truly excellent, however eaten crab is literally all there is to do in Kep, after lunch it was back through Kampot and out to Bokor mountain on the other side of the river, hard to describe, but I really recommend reading about it, it’s one of those places that didn’t need to exist (there’s still an operating hotel up there, apparently all 40 odd staff, are payed to stand around), still really cool old buildings, a great view out to sea, and an awesome ride up the hill, and even better down.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to a pepper farm, I was a little disappointed, but still stoked I got to try the stuff, delicious.  I had Lok Lak, a traditional Khamer dish, of marinated Beef, served with Rice and sometimes an egg, always tasty, but when seasoned with fresh lime and white Kampot pepper, soooo good, I can’t believe I haven’t had it before, that combination of white pepper and lime is a match made in foodie heaven.

On the last evening a group of us headed out on the sunset river cruise, pretty!  and the firefly’s are super cool, hanging out in trees on the river bank, looking like fairy lights…


River Sunset


So there you have it! My Kampot adventure’s, thank you for reading, much love from Cambodia xx



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