My Chiang Mai

Ahhhh Back again, in lovely Chiang Mai, after my unproductive 4 day visit last time (in between Myanmar and Laos), and a lethargic but still more productive 27 day’s in Cambodia, I arrived in Chiang Mai armed with all sorts of lists, determined to be thoroughly productive.  I did manage to tick off those lists (mostly), arriving in Chiang Mai in the morning on the 29th, and I did have an excellent few days.

Day two, hired a scooter, and went up the mountain (with a cool crew I met on the night bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.  The mountain was cool, excellent view, nice temple (or Wat), tried and failed in finding the nearby waterfalls, but the ride up the hill was awesome.  The following day (day three), we went to find a different waterfall, it was lovely, very little water, as apparently, this the driest Aprils in history, so waterfalls aren’t really where it’s at.   Nevertheless, we did find a lovely pool, had a dip, which turned into a free fish spa!  Played with some local kids, had a generally lovely morning.  I got pulled up and fined on the way back, annoying all good, then chilled and had a quiet but productive afternoon, and even managed a few lengths of the pool, and caught up on some Netflix.

The view of the city from the mountain


The greenery around the “waterfall”, super dry…


Day four, up fairly early, had breaky, went into town, checked out Wat Chedi Laung, and the monastery nearby, nice but I’m really beginning to have trouble appreciating all these amazing Wats, after 3.5 months of temples temples temples…  And I feel kinda bad for that.  After the temple, I found a post office, brought a box, then headed back to re-pack and check out, I had decided to send stuff home, so I wasn’t dragging it around, though honestly it was pretty pricy so although I’m glad my bags lighter, I’m not certain it was worth it.  That afternoon I was off to the bus station and on to Pai…


Overall my highlights of Chiang Mai, (both times)

The Grand Canyon, water park, super fun day out!

Wat Chedi Laung

Walking in the old town

The night bazaar (I went like 3 times)

The Sunday night market

The street food

The mountain view point, and ride up the mountain

Wang Buabaan waterfall (day three)

The cabaret show

The moat around the old town

My overall opinion of Chiang Mai is that its just a really pleasant place to hang out, spend a few days (or weeks), plenty to do, decent night life, great food, super chilled, but also with all the amenities. 


PS, I’m going to be back in Chiang Mai for a day or so, as I have a flight out and I want to visit the elephant jungle sanctuary, so I’ll do a quick update later!..


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