Catch-ups and new old news

Feeling and literately and literaturely unmotivated this week, haha actually not really I just really wanted an excuse to say literaturely hehe.  so it’s been awhile huh, I had a 6 day stint in a monastery discovering the joys of meditation, decided to skip Mae Hong Son, instead having a lovely few days in Chiang Mai (yes AGAIN), though this time I discovered the highlight of Chiang Mai nightlife, at least in my opinion anyway, the north gate jazz club has great live music, also found awesome pork dumplings on the way back to the hostel, thus ending my second attempt at being vegetarian, good times, though not for the pig :(.  Then on the 20th in the am  I finally caught my flight to Malaysia!  and here I am in Kuala Lumpur.

jazz vibes

So the reason I included KL and indeed Malaysia in this trip was kinda an accidental by- product of bigger happenings!  Let me explain, I left Australia on a one way ticket to Bangkok, with a very vague itinerary (hence all the last minute changes), a budget, a rough timeline of 3 months travel, and an idea in the back of my head that maybe I should consider doing my Dive master training should the opportunity present itself.  Well it did, not how or where I expected but it has happened, and I did promise my myself that in 2017 I would take hold of the opportunity’s presented!  I won’t go into the details of how all this unfolded but here it is.  My trip in south east Asia, has now been extended to 4.5 months, coming to an end in Kuala Lampure on the 30th of this month, when I take a flight to JORDAN!!!!  Yep I’m doing my DM training in Aqaba, or in the gulf of Aqaba more specifically, this has been known for a couple months now, and a handful of you lovely people reading this probs think its all old news, which it is…

I’m unsure exactly how long I’ll be in the middle-east, but with luck and good budgeting (mostly good budgeting) I will also be able to visit Egypt and Israel, as well as seeing all Jordan has to offer.

So there’s my news 🙂

Super excited to get back to the underwater world 😀

Over the next week I will (or at least make a serious attempt haha), write posts about my time in the monastery, KL and wherever else I make it to in Malaysia, and with a stroke of luck or some actual motivation, I’ll get back to Phnom Penh…


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