Phnom Penh as Promised

Phnom Penh, S21 and The Killing Fields…

I spent I think 3 days and nights in phnom penh, certainly more than necessary, but following my travel theme in Cambodia of being super chill.  The only real reason for the majority of travellers and tourist to visit Phnom penh is the killing fields, and due to the reputation of rampant crime most don’t stick around.

So, day two in Phnom Penh I visited the killing fields, and then S21 prison, it was a thoroughly emotional, moving, educational and thought provoking day.  I honestly don’t have a lot to say, I did not feel it right to take photos and so I have none for this post, I saw human bones lying in the ground…  you know what I don’t have to type this out, I don’t want to type this.

I was faced with atrocities I’d only seen on pages, I don’t want to create more pages I want people to go and see this, so just go, go and feel the chills, I had Goosebumps all over my body, even when you’re faced with it it’s still unbelievable what humans are capable of, what has made them such a successful species the ability to adapt, to become whatever they must to survive.

Visit the prison, S21 and look at the photos thousands of terrified, tortured faces immortalised forever on paper by the very people who carried out the orders of that psychotic maniac Pol Pots.

Go see what humans are, have, and can be, and hope to God (the existence of which you will question after this) that we learn from history and never ever repeat it…

Not really as promised to be honest but this is what I have, when I started this blog I told myself I wouldn’t sugar coat shit, I would be me, I would be vulnerable if necessary, this blog is basically a way for those who are interested to follow my travels, and here they are, and here’s my thoughts.


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