Twenty Twenty Visions

My top 20 Photographs of 20 weeks in South East Asia

Some of these have already been posted, it was super tough trying to pick just 20 photos, and note that when I say top photographs I really mean favourite, some of these are by no means the best but I like them…

Thailand (South & North)


Stepped out of my cabin the first morning of my Similan island livaboard just in time to catch a gorgeous sunrise…


After a week of diving every morning on Koh Tao I had a beach day, got sun-burned and caught up on the journal.
20170206_090650 (2).jpg
Walking in the Koa Sok national park, found the peaceful spot by the river went for a swim, sitting made me think of wind in the willows, one of my favourite childhood books…


Oh these Pai day’s, I got up super early one morning in Pai, bought a toastie and a coffee from 7-eleven (breakfast of champions) and went out to the Pai canyon, for the sunrise, got lost but made it just in time…


This Photo summarises Pai to me, so green, so pretty, so chill…



Yangon city architecture…


A lake in Mrauk U, Myanmar, this t\little town was one of the highlights of my trip, despite the 2 almost 40 odd hours I spent getting there and away…


I took this pic in a monastery in Mrauk U, not really a travel photo but I love it…


If you don’t have a photo of a sunrise over Bagan I’m not sure you can really say you’ve been to Myanmar!  Such a beautiful morning…


Sunrise on Inle lake, times like these a hoodie is a girls best friend, it was freezing cold sitting in the little wooden boats, waiting for the sun to come up and warm us.



The waterfall at the blue lagoon, so pretty


Loved this place!! A little farm just outside the Konglor cave park.

Riding the thakhek loop was easily one of my highlights! So much fun, and a great crew…


I many more beautiful photos of 4000 islands, but this is my favourite as it essentially sums up my time there nicely, so chilled…




Sitting at a beach bar on Otres 2 enjoying a beer, I saw a little boy line fishing on the jetty as the sun went down, this is one of my favourite pics ever…


Sunrise at Angkor Wat!  Need I say more?…


Local children playing in the ruins around Angkor Wat, their leaf hats were probably some of the coolest attire I’ve seen…




20170523_085247 (2)
The entrance to the Bate caves on the edge of Kuala Lampur, there were monkeys everywhere, one of them stayed still long enough for a photo with the city in the background.


Probably the prettiest skyscrapers this country girls ever seen…


Despite the heat and humidity, Georgetown in Penang was loads of fun wandering the streets and little alley ways checking out street art.


A cheeky extra 😉

20170404_121916 (2)
I love this photo…   The huge trees growing over and breaking down the ruins surrounding Angkor Wat are amazing!


Every great human empire or so called civilisation has come to an end eventually.  Yet nature holds her own, and slowly but surely claws her way back and breaks down the remnants of our human illusions of power

–  me trying my hand at cool quotes


I have picked photo’s for each country, but Loas and Myanmar were tough, so many great Kodak moments!  I hope you enjoyed:) xx



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