Kia ora

Hello lovely!

I’m a twenty-something kiwi, professional chef, student of science, newbie traveler and amateur scuba diver, I love food both weird and wonderous (except pineapple on pizza), exploring, nature, checking out a great view, under-water adventures, photography, solo travel, gold-rimmed aviators, coffee (so much coffee) and Sir David Attenborough.

Dive, eat, explore, learn, enjoy, repeat!!

As a twenty-something, student and newbie to the world of travel and traveling the world, I often rely a great deal on many excellent blogs written by some truly inspirational people.

In turn I hope that by putting my experiances out there I can give back a little, ultimatly I want this blog to be a cork board of all my adventures, and all the highs, the lows, and the tips, tricks and advice that has/does help me navigate and traverse what will become ‘the chronicles of chefany’.

Thank you for taking the time to visit  xox