These Pai days for days

Pai it turns out is exactly what I was warned about, incredibly dangerous…  If you have a time budget!!! I planned 3 days, but knowing what might happen I budgeted for 5 days, I have ended up spending, 5 days, and 7 nights, as I arrived late, and decided to go to the monastery early … Continue reading These Pai days for days

My Chiang Mai

Ahhhh Back again, in lovely Chiang Mai, after my unproductive 4 day visit last time (in between Myanmar and Laos), and a lethargic but still more productive 27 day’s in Cambodia, I arrived in Chiang Mai armed with all sorts of lists, determined to be thoroughly productive.  I did manage to tick off those lists … Continue reading My Chiang Mai

From Ko Kong, Cambodia to Bangkok…

So once again changing plans on the fly!.. Basically, I’m collecting Thai stamps in my passport, this is the third time I re-entered Thailand, and as usual must pass through Bangkok, YES I'm back in BKK!!!  In south east Asia all roads lead to Bangkok after all (just doesn’t have a ring to it  though … Continue reading From Ko Kong, Cambodia to Bangkok…

Calling in on Kampot

Aahhhhhh Kampot you beaut… After the difficulties of the boat transfer from Ko Rong Samloem back to Sihanoukville, the bus to Kampot the following day was a short, and sweaty few hours.  Kampot seems to be particularly popular with expats, and I find this understandable!  Super chilled, excellent food, in fact probably the best food … Continue reading Calling in on Kampot

Kicking back on Cambodian islands

  I’ve decided that 7 weeks is far too long to go without visiting the ocean… I arrived in Sihanoukville after possibly the worst bus trip of my life, and no I’m not a dramatic person (unless I’m in the kitchen then I may throw a couple of spoons around…), it was a night bus … Continue reading Kicking back on Cambodian islands

Slowing Down in Siem Reap

Slowing down in Siem Reap, and wandering one of the world’s wonders 1st – 5th My introduction to Cambodia, unfortunately marred by the border crossing incident, improved from there, in Siem Reap, the home of Angkor wat, and 50 cent beers.  I stayed at the pool party hostel, pool? yes, party not so much, I … Continue reading Slowing Down in Siem Reap

4000 Islands, Hammocks, Border Scams, and Rain in the Dry Season

Some and none of my favourite things 4000 Islands and the Laos/Cambodia/scam border After the epic adventure of the Thakhek loop, the plan was to head to Pakse, the town is the gateway to visiting the Boleven plateau, I was of the understanding that you could trek in this area, so, we got a bus … Continue reading 4000 Islands, Hammocks, Border Scams, and Rain in the Dry Season

The Bothers, and Brilliance of Backpacking

Ponderings of a twenty-something in the wind The thing about back-packing and travelling alone is that you become, or have to become, emotionally self-sufficient, you cannot rely on someone else to get you out of a mood, to take your mind off whatever is bothering you, distract you from the shit you will inevitably encounter, … Continue reading The Bothers, and Brilliance of Backpacking